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Making personal financial decision is quite cumbersome when it comes to making investment out of one’s hard earned money.This portal has tried to simplify a few popular heads of investment in general to make a conscious decision before  parking money in to undesired heads of investment.


Corporate Finance

Corporate finance primarily deals with formulating policies and making strategies to generate wealth for shareholders and to benefit society at large in long term.



Personal Finance

Personal finance is a field of understanding personal liabilities, like meeting house hold expenses, planning for future, meeting retirement requirement and creating wealth for family as a whole in the long run by saving and investing regularly.


Investment Planning

Investment planning relates to identifying various avenues of investments as per one’s ability to save and invest to get better return in future and setting financial goals to become financially independent.


Tax Planning

Nothing comes free of cost! Taxes are government levies and need to be paid in time. Tax Planning is a field which helps understanding the tax liabilities and its legal implication for not meeting those liabilities in time. At the same time providing avenues for investment to save tax and create wealth in a professional way.

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